A mechanic working on a tan Enve Mog

Technical Experts

We specialize in custom build projects, and have experience serving race teams across the pond. That level of expertise extends into every ticket we complete. We are up to date with the latest industry technologies and standards, and we settle for nothing less than perfection.

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A bike mechanic adjusting the suspension on a Cervelo ZFS-5

Ride with Confidence

When you bring your bicycle to Métier, no detail is overlooked.

Our technicians take the time to listen to your concerns before they diagnose. We never make assumptions and we understand that your safety and those you ride with is paramount.

A bike mechanic adjusting the suspension on a Cervelo ZFS-5


Tune up and a la carte pricing is based on our rate of $150 an hour but may vary depending on the complexity of the service. Contact us at service@metier.cc for more information or to book an appointment.

Please pick up your bike when your service is completed. Bikes left in our service course 14 days after their completed service will incur a $5 per day storage fee.


  • $200

    Race Prep:

    Full Wash/Polish, Drivetrain Cleaning, Basic Adjustments, Safety Check, & New Tire Installation

  • $250

    Basic Tune:

    Light Wash, Basic Adjustments, Safety Check, Firmware Updates, Wheel True, & New Chain Installation

  • $275

    Race Prep w/ Chain Wax:

    Race Prep plus:

    Chain waxing & installation.

  • $500

    Pro Tune:

    Basic Tune, plus:

    Full Wash/Polish, Drivertrain Disassembly, Cleaning, & Reassembly, Brake Piston Service, New Component, Chain, Brake Pads, Tire, & Bar Tape Installation.

  • Hourly

    Overhaul (4-8 hours):

    Pro Tune plus:

    Complete Bike Disassembly, Cleaning, & Reassembly, Installation of any components & bearings, brake fluid replacement, & wheel truing.


  • $60

    Brake Bleed

  • $30

    Brake Adjustment

  • $45

    Disc Brake Pad Installation

  • $20

    Rim Break Pad Installation

  • $75

    Bike Wash